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Non-destructive crack detection

Crack in a sintered part

The DIRA-GREEN crack detection system for the non-destructive online inspection of powder metal and ceramic green compacts and sintered parts has been developed by an international consortium composed of 13 research institutions, industrial enterprises and associations of the powder metallurgy industry in Europe with financial support by the EU. As a project partner, GAMMATEC is leading the exploitation of the DIRA-GREEN system. We guide you to the application of the system, work out with you the technical details and accompany you till the point of order placement.

Schematic of the DIRA-GREEN inspection system

Short description

Digital X-ray image generated by DIRA-GREEN

Inspected parts are fed by a conveyor system and brought to the most favourable position by a manipulator with 5 degrees of freedom. A microfocus X-ray source generates digital images of the parts. Exposure times can be less than a second. Part images are automatically evaluated by a specially developed defect detection software. DIRA-GREEN can be applied isolated or online in a production line.

The DIRA-GREEN inspection system was developed with funding by the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Union.

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